Visitor Flight at Happo-one

Happo-one Flight Area is managed by our paragliding school. We have contracted with the landowners, and paragliding flights are permitted based on these agreements. If you wish to fly paragliders, please be sure to adhere to all rules and regulations.


Visitor Fee



Gondola lift ticket

Single-ride gondola tickets


  • Gondola tickets must be purchased at the our reception.
  • Gondola tickets cannot be purchased directly at the gondola ticket booth.

Visitor Flight Registration Requirements:

  • Possession of an IPPI 4 license
  • Solo reception is not allowed(Please register in groups of two or more people)
  • Understanding of the “Local Rules and Precautions” and “Flight Area Regulations”
  • Understanding of the landing procedures for both north wind and south wind conditions
  • Proof of 3rd Party Insurance
  • Proper repacking of the reserve parachute
  • Our school must confirm that your equipment is in good condition (overly old equipment is not acceptable)
  • Carrying a digital radio that can transmit and receive during the flight
  • Only “Airspace A” is available for visitor flights.→ Area map
  • During flights, it is mandatory to carry a “Tracker” (included in the Visitor fee)

You need a special radio that is permitted for use in the air in Japan. There are no rental radios available.

Area Rules

  • For safety reasons, always follow instructions from the area manager.
  • If the takeoff area is closed, please confirm with the staff before taking the gondola down.
    • You can ride for free by presenting a season pass or a single-ride ticket.
    • Without a ticket, you will have to pay, so please be careful.
  • The jump arena is used for athlete training even in the summer, so maintain a safe distance during your flight.
  • In case of rescue, the cost will be 20,000 yen plus actual expenses (if handled by the school).
  • As this is a mountainous area, in the event of a rescue, a helicopter may be requested at the discretion of the area manager. Please be aware that all associated costs will be your responsibility.
    • It is recommended to have insurance coverage for search and rescue costs.

Hakuba Happo Flight Area Regulations

The following rules are established to ensure the safe flight of members and visitors in the Hakuba Happo Flight Area (hereafter referred to as “the Area”) under the management of Sky Blue Happo-One Paragliding School.

  • Area Management
    • Members and visitors must follow safety management instructions and strictly adhere to flight regulations.
  • Check-in and Check-out
    • Before heading to the takeoff area for the purpose of flying, you must present your license and third-party liability insurance certificate at Sky Blue Happo-One Paragliding School, fill out the designated entry log, and perform a check-out upon completion.
    • If no contact is made and the check-out is not confirmed after sunset, we will check the location of the entrant and contact the emergency contact. If the entrant’s location cannot be confirmed, we will notify the relevant authorities such as the police and fire department as an emergency measure and conduct a search. The cost of the search will be borne by the entrant.
  • Takeoff Closure
    • When adverse weather conditions are expected.
    • When the safety manager deems the flight to be dangerous.
  • Flight Equipment
    • Users must ensure the safety of their equipment (e.g., deterioration).
    • Wear an appropriately repacked emergency parachute (within 180 days) and a helmet.
    • Wear a harness with an anti-fall device.
    • Equip with a rescue set.
  • Flight Zones (Displayed at the Reception)
    • Zone A: Pilot Zone
    • Zone B: Expert Pilot Zone (Radio contact with the landing director is required when flying outside the Pilot Zone)
    • Zone C: Cross-Country Zone (A flight plan must be submitted before the flight and a report after the flight)
    • For further details, please check at the school reception.
  • Flight Regulations
    • All flights are conducted at the individual’s own risk.
    • Fly within the operational limits of your equipment.
    • Be fully familiar with all necessary information before the flight.
    • Flyers must be in good physical and mental health.
    • Flying under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
    • Solo flights are prohibited (allowed under school supervision).
    • Cloud flying is prohibited.
    • Takeoff must be from the designated area, and do not spread gliders in unauthorized areas.
    • Do not drop any objects that could harm people or property during the flight.
    • Maintain sufficient altitude when flying over gondolas, power lines, buildings, and crowded areas.
    • If the safety manager deems it dangerous to continue the flight, immediately discontinue the flight.
  • Landing
    • Land in the designated area.
    • Top landing is prohibited (may be permitted by the area manager).
    • Do not perform a rise-up in the landing area when there are other gliders in the air.
    • Be mindful of incoming gliders when packing in the designated packing zone within the landing area.
    • If entering simultaneously, be aware of each other and make an appropriate approach.
    • In the event of an off-landing, promptly contact the safety manager and submit an off-landing report.
  • Accidents
    • In the event of an accident, regardless of the severity or presence of injuries, promptly contact the safety manager.
    • If crops are damaged, immediately apologize to the landowner and compensate for the damages at your own responsibility.
    • Follow the safety manager’s instructions for appropriate responses and emergency contacts in case of an accident.
    • Always submit an accident report to the safety manager after an accident.
  • Other
    • Use designated parking areas; street parking is prohibited.
    • Always take home empty cans and garbage to help preserve the environment.
    • Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.

Revised on February 1, 2024
Sky Blue Happo-One Paragliding School
Principal Hiroshi Maehori

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