Tandem Flight

Tandem Flight


Safe with professional piloting even for beginners
Anyone can fly if they can run
No age limit, weight limit 25-90kg

Tandem paragliding flights, conducted by experienced pilots with qualifications, are designed for people to enjoy flying, feel new sensations, and get a close-up experience of the world of free flying.
Paragliding Tandem Flight with a fully qualified Paragliding Tandem Pilot.
As a passenger you need no prior knowledge, just come with us and experience the world from a new and exciting perspective.

FourEnjoyable Aspects

1 Special views from the sky

Weather permitting, enjoy flights while overlooking the majestic Northern Alps stretching from north to south!

Even large ski jump platforms appear small when viewed from above.

The sprawling cityscape below resembles a miniature world.

The snow-covered Northern Alps stand out against the greenery at the foot of the mountains.

Witness the ever-changing colors of autumn leaves.

Enter a world of glistening white snow. The winter air is clear and exceptionally beautiful.

2 Selfie photo service by the pilot (optional)

During the flight, the pilot will take photos using a selfie stick. Once the camera is ready, photos are taken every second, so strike your favorite pose!!

The captured photos (around 10 per person) are available for download only to participants.

※ Please note that there may be cases where photography is not possible due to weather conditions or camera malfunctions.

Price:2,000 yen(tax included)

3 Challenge aerial photography

You Can Take Photos with Your Own Smartphone or Camera
Preparation for Drop Prevention Required

During the flight, you can take aerial photos with your own smartphone or camera.

However, to take photos, it’s necessary to have drop prevention measures in place for your camera (or smartphone). Please ensure you have preparations such as a neck strap to prevent accidental dropping, and inform us during check-in.

For the safety of both you and those around you, please understand that we may refuse if the situation warrants it.

※ Please note that we cannot provide compensation for personal belongings such as cameras.

4 Share the excitement with family and friends

Up to 3 People Can Fly Simultaneously
Non-fliers Can Watch or Take Photos at the Landing Site

With three pilots available, up to three people can fly at the same time.

You can take photos or videos of each other, and depending on flight conditions, you might even be able to communicate with family or friends in the air!

For families flying together, being able to see your child’s experience up close can be reassuring♪

For those not flying, you can watch or capture scenes of the flight from the landing site.

Experience ProcessApproximately 1 Hour


After completing reception, fill out the application form and make payment. Then, prepare your attire, shoes, and belongings for departure.

Take Gondola Lift to Launch Site

Ride the gondola lift to the takeoff site at an altitude of 1400 meters.

Preparation and Safety Talk

Clear explanations of the experience process and safety precautions will be provided.


Run with the pilot for takeoff!

Flight (Approximately 10-15 Minutes)

Enjoy a flight of about 10 minutes covering a vertical drop of 650 meters.

Landing / Dispersal

Land at the landing site next to the reception area, and the experience concludes.

Click button to book a tandem flight

Please select your desired date and time from the reservation calendar and make a reservation.

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Price(Cash Only)

Total Cost 18,000 yen(tax included)

Breakdown:Experience Fee 15,000 yen + Safety Management Fee(Gondola fee, Insurance fee, etc.) 3,000 yen

※ During periods of gondola closure, transportation to the takeoff area will be provided by car.

Event Period

Mid-April to the first Sunday of November (until the last operating day of Happo Alpine Line)

The opening day in April may vary depending on the remaining snow conditions.
Starting from December, winter tandem flights will be offered depending on the snow accumulation conditions.

Participation Requirements
  • Ability to run approximately 20 meters
  • Weight between 25kg and 85kg (Lighter-weight children have a higher chance of flying in the early hours)
  • No age limit; please judge based on ability to run
  • For those prone to motion sickness, we recommend taking motion sickness medication

Reservations are accepted every hour starting from 8:00 am.

8am 9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm

※ Please note that the schedule may vary slightly depending on weather conditions, etc.

Meeting Time (Strict Adherence to Time)

Please arrive 15 minutes before your reserved time and complete the check-in process.
Being late may inconvenience other customers.
If you are significantly late and cause inconvenience to the next scheduled customer, it will be treated as a “same-day cancellation,” so please be aware.


Approximately 1 hour (flight time approximately 10 minutes)

  • The duration is an estimate based on smooth progress.
  • Please note that the duration may vary depending on weather conditions, etc.
What to Bring
  • Comfortable clothing that allows movement and can tolerate some dirt
  • Long-sleeved shirts and pants (even in summer, please bring thin layers)
  • Footwear suitable for physical activity (sandals, leather shoes, high heels, etc., are not permitted)
  • Gloves (anything that can protect your hands, such as work gloves, is acceptable)
  • For those with long hair, bring something to tie it back (e.g., hair tie)

※ Gloves are also available for purchase for 100 yen.



On Google Maps, it will appear as “Landing and Reception of Paragliding.”

During the green season, “Happo 6th Parking Lot” serves as the landing site for paragliders.

There is parking space available next to the reception area.
If you arrive by car, please proceed directly to the reception.

Searching by the school’s name may navigate you to the office.
Please note that we do not handle reception at the office (the building of Happo-One Ridge Ski & Snowboard School), so please be careful not to mistake the location.

Google map