Winter Tandem Flight

Currently, due to insufficient snow, we are unable to ensure the safety of the landing area and have therefore suspended flights. If there is not enough snowfall soon, winter tandem flights for this season will be discontinued.

Winter Tandem Flight


Safe with professional piloting even for beginners
Anyone can fly if they can run
No age limit, weight limit 25-90kg

Tandem paragliding flights, conducted by experienced pilots with qualifications, are designed for people to enjoy flying, feel new sensations, and get a close-up experience of the world of free flying.
Paragliding Tandem Flight with a fully qualified Paragliding Tandem Pilot.
As a passenger you need no prior knowledge, just come with us and experience the world from a new and exciting perspective.

Enjoy winter flight

Hakuba Happo-One Ski Resort, one of Japan’s premier ski resorts. It’s a given that skiing here is absolutely fantastic! But there are also other ways to enjoy besides skiing!

“Experience the breathtaking views of the Northern Alps and Hakuba Happo-One Ridge from the sky!”


Gentle wind


During winter, when weather conditions allow for paragliding flights at Happo-One Ridge, the atmosphere is extremely stable. Gliding through the stable airflow, paragliders experience smooth flight with minimal turbulence, allowing for a serene and gentle flying experience.

clear, fresh air in winter

In winter, with low temperatures and dry air, the atmosphere is clear. As a result, the scenery appears crisp and clear, allowing for panoramic views, making it ideal for paragliding flights!



Total Cost 18,000 yen(tax included)

Breakdown:Experience Fee 15,000 yen + Safety Management Fee(Gondola fee, Insurance fee, etc.) 3,000 yen

Event Period

Hakuba Happo-One Ski Resort operates from the opening day until late March (the last day of lift operations)
※Subject to change depending on snow conditions and lift operation status.

From mid-April, regular tandem flights for the green season will commence.

Participation Requirements
  • Ability to run approximately 20 meters
  • Weight between 25kg and 85kg.
  • Intermediate skiing level or above (able to ski without falling on intermediate slopes); participants at this level can also fly while wearing skis.
  • Snowboarders will experience the flight after removing their boards.
  • Maximum of 2 participants per flight at the same time.
What to Bring
  • Warm clothing (the perceived temperature during the flight will be lower than on the ground).
  • Footwear suitable for snow activities (such as snow boots or snowboard boots; avoid easily removable footwear like wellington boots or ski boots).
  • For those with long hair, please bring hair ties or similar.

Flight time: approximately 8 minutes (may vary depending on weather conditions)

Total duration: approximately 1 hour (from check-in to dispersal)

Meeting and Reception Location

We will inform you of the meeting location upon reservation.

※Free shuttle service available. We offer pickups from Hakuba Station, Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal, and nearby accommodations in Happo-One Ridge. Please indicate your preferences in the inquiry form.

Experience Process

Take ski Lift to Launch Site
Preparation and Safety Talk

Contact form

Please input each item and enter your desired date and time (between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM) in the “Content” field.

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